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Q. Does Spelt contain Gluten
A. Yes it does.
Q. Is white Spelt refined like regular white flour or whole grain (wheat) flour?
A Our white flour is sent thru a finer milling process that removes the germ and the bran. We do not bleach nor treat the flour in any other way. You will notice that the nutritional profile is different between the two flours. The whole grain has higher fat and fiber, while the white shows slightly higher carbohydrate and sugar percentages.
Q. Why is the whole grain pasta brown?
A. Spelt is a whole grain pasta, complete with the germ and bran, unlike white pasta which is mostly starch.
Q. How do you know if you have a wheat allergy?
A. Many users have found that when they use wheat they might find they will have a runny nose..or their eyes water more, or they may have more constriction in their breathing. Some tell us they cough (dry cough) more. Our advise always is for you to consult a doctor regarding allergies. And, many of our customers are excited to tell us they get great relief from allergies when they use Spelt. We always suggest that they test it on themselves.
Q What home mills work best for grinding kernels?
A. There a number of fine home mills that work well. We happen to use the Whisper Miill and the Vita Mix with the grain attachment.
Q. When using Spelt for baking bread, what is the one secret to know?
A. There are really no secrets, however, in addition to the excellent nutritional value and the purity of spelt flour, many bakers have found that when they use Spelt it require a shorter period of kneading and mixing.
Q. Where can I find more information and recipes using spelt?
A. One of the best books (paper back) is SPELT HEALTHY. It has over 400 pages which include the history around Spelt as well as many proven recipes our spelt. (It is listed elsewhere in our store.)