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Welcome to SPELT SPECIALTIES, your site for products made with the wonderful, old-world grain called spelt.
(That's "s-p-e-l-t", not "smelt". Smelt is a fish while spelt is what we call "the SUPER GRAIN".) We are proud to be affiliated with Purity Foods, Inc. one of the world's largest and highest quality processors of this super grain. Vita-Spelt products are known throughout the world for their gourmet quality.

If you like  Pancakes, Try this Spelt Recipe!

If you haven't tasted this delicious Ancient Grain...
Try this Spelt Sampler!

Spelt Sampler Product Code: SS-50
Our Price: $59.95

If you have never enjoyed the delicious taste of what we call the “Super-Grain” this selection of Spelt grain pasta, flour, and snacks is an excellent way to sample this unique “old-world” grain and it’s slightly “nutty” flavor.
Mmmm... good!

Your SPELT SAMPLER contains the following gourmet Spelt flour products:

Vita Spelt LASAGNE
Vita Spelt Wide Noodles
Vita Spelt Medium Noodles
Sourdough Spelt Pretzels
Vita Spelt Pretzels
Salted Sesame Spelt Snacks
Chedder Sesame Spelt Snacks
PLUS…a 40 page book on SPELT and it’s many health benefits, history and many unique and delicious recipes from Cereals, Muffins, Biscuits, Pancakes, Bread, Coffee Cakes, Risoto, Stuffing and several others.

ORDER TODAY – $59.95
(a $70.00 Value)

Learn more about this SUPER GRAIN, SPELT, in About Spelt.